Fatdaddy Brand Ambassadors

Let's shape the future of e-mobility together.

Join the Fatdaddy family

We are seeking creative, energetic, and outgoing individuals who are extremely passionate about the culture and embody the Fatdaddy brand with ease.

As part of our team, we want men and women who are not only enthusiastic about our products, but also exemplify the personality and lifestyle of Fatdaddy customers, whether you’re a college student or a stay-at-home dad.  Above all, we want our Fatdaddy Ambassadors to reflect the values of our company.

The benefits for Ambassadors

We hope we can be a vital key in your growth. From gaining revenue on sales, to growing your own personal brand as a vlogger. We offer something for everyone.


Brand ambassadors will be given a specific, trackable discount code to distribute to friends, family, classmates, clients. And receive a percentage on sales.


Ambassadors receive merchandise like the classic Fatdaddy stickers and Ambassador exclusive Fatdaddy hoodies and other gear to wear.


We want our brand ambassadors to look their best. Every verified Brand Ambassador will get a photoshoot so they can take their social media channels to the next level.

You Get

We take care of our ambassadors with lot's of love.

To start things off. You will receive the iconic Fatdaddy sticker pack, a limited Fatdaddy hoodie and other gear as part of our team. You are invited to join our inner-circle WhatsApp group with all ambassadors where we keep you updated on Fatdaddy.

On the digital side of things, you will receive a custom coupon code, a personal page on our website and affiliate links. A percentage of purchase revenue made with your custom codes and links will be transferred to you to support your e-skating lifestyle. And of course we try to tag you and repost your relevant content on social media.

For ambassadors with ambitions to review e-skate gear on YouTube, you gain access to our entire stock. We will lend you items that you want to review as a trade-off for mentioning us with a link in the description on youtube and social media. Be aware that this does not mean free skateboards. Please return the gear to us after making your review ;)

We Ask

Let's get down to business.

We ask all our Ambassadors to host a quarterly Fatdaddy groupride in their area. This could be for any electric vehicle that you prefer, from skateboards to e-bikes! We will help you in promoting it. Also, we would like your support if we are hosting Fatdaddy events, rides and product launches in your area. No - you don't have to do any heavy lifting.

Social media is one of the most important platforms for us. We ask our ambassadors to promote the Fatdaddy brand where possible. This does not mean that you have to tag us in every single post and story, just once in a while on a fairly regular basis.

In the next few months, Fatdaddy will start focussing on more own content. This means blogposts, photo and video content and more podcasts. If possible, we would like you to collaborate with us in creating this content. From brainstorming new ideas to execution.


Want to take our relationship to the next level? Apply for Ambassador and we will get back to you.



  • Mellow Boards
  • Yuneec
  • Koowheel
  • Slick Revolution
  • Elwing Boards
  • Inboard Electric Skateboards
  • Onewheel
  • Enertion
  • TSG
  • Atom
  • Apollo
  • Doppio
  • dot Boards
  • Analog Motion
  • Xiaomi / Mi
  • Orangatang
  • Lazyrolling
  • 8Bitdo
  • Shredlights
  • Boosted Boards
  • Cooper Bikes
  • Coast Cycles
  • Fatdaddy
  • DTV
  • Flatland 3D
  • Ionic Flux
  • Segway
  • Triple 8
  • WATT bikes
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