At WATT Bikes they are convinced that the daily bike ride should be easier. And with their rugged urban e-bike it can be fun as well. Trendy, electric and perfect for the city.

On average, we cycle 2.8 kilometers per day. But even if you drive it tenfold you'll get away with an amazing range of 40 to 70 kilometers. Just to the bakery or up and down to your work or school is a piece of cake.

How do electric bikes work?

Modern electric bikes all use very similar systems to provide assistance when pedalling. These can be in the form of a hub or bottom bracket mounted motor. This means that sensors register when the pedals are turning and power is provided from brushless motors. This works in a similar way to how a turbo works on a car, the pedalling part being the normal petrol engine moving you along as normal with the turbo providing extra power on top.
All production bikes arrive 90% pre-assembled and are built by most shops in less 30 minutes or less when you pick them up locally. After the build we will guide you through the electric bike process and manuals.

We only offer e-bikes that we’re proud to put out into the world and prepared to support forever. Find your perfect e-bike match.

Der blev ikke fundet nogle varer, der matcher dit valg.