ENERTION x FATDADDY Electric skateboard Groupride through Amsterdam

Today I have some very special news to deliver. Together with Enertion we’ve organised a ride straight through Amsterdam. The ride will be held on the 18th of August starting from Amsterdam Central Station to Vondelpark. With enough participants we will throw in a barbecue at the end. Facebook Event, ESK8.NL Topic Parking Since we are […]

Review of the Elwing Nimbus (E1 500)

Thank you Elwing for sending us the Nimbus your first flagship Electric Skateboard. The specs Nimbus is an electric skateboard for those who love board sports. With a top speed of 30 km/h (19 mph) at only 4.7 kg (10.4 lb.), it’s a veritable powerhouse for its size. But glide is not only a question of speed. Every little detail counts. The […]

Update your Mellow Board Remote

Let’s talk about your remote! The remote experience you have is what connects you to your Mellow Board so it is very important for us to constantly refine its functionality. We analyzed data and took your feedback into consideration to improve your ride in this latest remote update. After a few months of mixing the […]

Denmark here we come, opening first electric skateboard shop in Aarhus, Denmark

The last few weeks have been a complete mayhem. First we had a all time high with orders and shipments which really put our smart warehousing to the test. We added a neat little (extra) warehouse to our locations in Amsterdam. Next to that we added more then 20 extra electric skateboard brands to our […]