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Benchwheel Electric Pennyboard


Electric Skateboards have becoming more popular since a couple of years. But almost all electric skateboards are higher-priced longboard style variants.

Benchwheel Pennyboard is designed as an affordable and portable enough electric skateboard which create perfect electric skating experience to the skater community.

Forget the large heavy skateboard, this PennyBoard packs a punch. The BenchWheel Electric Pennyboard is perfect for kids and light-weight riders of all ages! This Pennyboard weights only 11 lb, it’s easy to carry either indoor, public, or in the trunk of a car.

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    • 9.99 €

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    • 20 €

Weight 4.8kg
Size 70,9x26x13,9
Size packaging 75,6×18,6×30,6

Deck bamboo and Canadees Maple

Cap: 90Wh
Type: Lithium-Ion
Weight: 520g
Time to charge: 1.5h
Actieradius: 10km

Type: Direct brushless beltdrive
Power: 1000w

material: PU
Size: 8*4,5cm
Dura: 78A

Battery: 800mA
Type battery: Lithium-Ion
Time to charge: 90 min

Dimensions 76 × 17 × 31 cm
Deck material



Motor power

Top speed



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