MATE ebikes
We have something special again: a brutal electric bike that folds into a compact package. Affordable, powerful, stylish and multifunctional. The Mate electric bikes are the bikes you want to ride.

The Mate X, a folding electric bike
The average electric bike is big, heavy (with battery) and quite expensive. That’s what Copenhagen-based Christian Abel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton wanted to change. In 2016 they founded Mate to produce unique, affordable and challenging electric bikes. From all those ideas eventually came rolling the Mate X, a folding e-bike made for both streets and muddy forest trails.

A tough, stylish and practical e-bike
The Mate bikes are different from the other electric bike brands. The Danish designers have abandoned the standard design of a bicycle and opted for a folding bike with a mountain bike sauce. This results in a sleek design, in which a strong aluminum frame is the basis. This in combination with the minimalist handlebars, chunky tires, open chain case and technical gadgets give the electric bike a brutal design.