8BitDo GBros GameCube Adapter for Switch and PC

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Play on the Nintendo Switch or Windows with original controllers from GameCube, (S) NES Classic Mini and Wii Classic, among others.

Features of the 8BitDo® GBros. Wireless Adapter:
– Switch Home and screenshot buttons present on the adapter
– The adapter has one controller port
– Two AA batteries required (not included)
– With this adapter it is possible to use Retro-Bit® controllers on the Nintendo Switch

Leveringsdato: december 8

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gbros adapter to use gamecube controller on switch

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gbros Adapter

What controllers is it compatible with?
  • It works with Nintendo GameCube controller, NES Classic controller, SNES Classic controller and most controllers with GC port or NES/SNES Classic port.
    Can I use it with GameCube Wavebird controller?
  • No, you can not. The reason is simply because the physical shape of Wavebird controller port does not fit in either of the ports on GBros.
  • However, you can use an extension cable to connect them to each other, as they are compatible with each other technologically.
    Can I connect two controllers to it at the same time as there are two controller ports?
  • No, you can not. It can only take one controller at a time.
    Will any controller be recognized as GameCube controller when it is connected to Switch via GBros. And How can I use the GameCube controller button mapping when playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch?
  • No, it will be recognized as Switch Pro controller by default.
  • Just press and hold L+R+A+B+START to swap the button mapping between GameCube mapping and Switch Pro mapping when playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Green LED indicates GameCube mapping. Red LED indicates Switch Pro mapping.
    When NES/SNES Classic controller is connected to GBros., does the Dpad on the controller function as a joystick or a Dpad as it is?
  • It functions as Dpad as it is.
    Does it support Screenshot, Home, Turbo, NFC functions when connected to Switch? Can I also use my controller to wake up Switch wirelessly via GBros.?
  • The functions this adapter supports when connected to Switch include:
  • A. Screenshot = STAR button
  • B. Home button = Logo button
  • Turbo and NFC are not applicable here. You can not wake up your Switch wirelessly via GBros.
  • Nonetheless, when it is connected to Windows, it supports Turbo function.
  • STAR button = Turbo button
    What is the Micro USB port on GBros. for? Can I used it wired?
  • The USB port here is for firmware upgrade. You can also connect it to Switch and Windows via a USB cable and use it as a wired adapter.
  • When it is connected to devices via USB, batteries are not needed.
    What is the battery consumption like?
  • New batteries can last for approximately 30 hours. Nonetheless, it really depends the battery capacity and quality.
    How many GBros. can I connect to my Switch at a time? Can I use it on hand held mode as well as docked mode?
  • You can connect multiple GBros. to your Switch at a time. Switch will see the controllers as Switch Pro controllers.
  • It works on both hand held and docked modes.


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