8Bitdo N30 for Nes Classic Edition

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Play your NES classic Edition wirelessly with 8BitDo’s new 2.4G Controllers. Plug and play. No lag.
  • 2.4G Wireless Technology for NES Classic Edition (*Bluetooth connection is not applicable.)
  • Access the NES Classic Edition HOME menu wirelessly
  • Turbo function

You can only use this on a NES Classic Edition!

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8Bitdo N30 for Nes Classic Edition N30 for Nes Classic

Frequently Asked Questions about the N30 for NES

What are TA, TB and HOME buttons on this controller for?
  • They are turbo buttons. T stands for Turbo. TA is for turbo A, TB is for turbo B.
  • Home button = NES Reset button.
    Does this include a wireless receiver with it?
  • Yes, it does. It has a dedicated NES Classic 2.4g receiver included in the box.
    Can I use two N30 2.4g controllers on my NES Classic Edition at the same time?
  • Yes, you can. One controller port for one receiver. One receiver for one controller.
    Does the receiver have a USB port? I would be able to use it on other devices if it had a USB port.
  • No, it does not have a USB port on the receiver. It can only work with NES Classic Edition.
    Can I use it on the original NES console? Or can I only use it on NES Classic Edition?
  • No, you can not use it on the original NES console. You can only use it on a NES Classic Edition.
    Does it work with 8BitDo Bluetooth receivers/adapters?
  • No, it does not. It only works with the 2.4g receiver which comes with it.
    How do I charge the controller? How long does the battery last when fully charged?
  • We suggest you charge it via a phone power adapter.
  • The controller uses 180mAh rechargeable battery with 1-2 hour charging time. The battery can last up to 25 hours when fully charged.
    What is the best range for this 2.4g connection?
  • The range goes to 10 meters. The best range for playing is within 5 meters.
    Can I use it as a wired controller?
  • No, you can not.


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