Boosted Beams

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Fully integrated lights powered by your board and built to last for years. Ride confidently with 600 lumens and powerful brake lights beneath your feet. Including a usb port to charge your remote or phone!

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Due to the bankruptcy of Boosted we are unable to offer our regular level of service. This product is sold at the buyer's own risk and peril, without warranty against hidden defects. All parts are brand new and checked for defects before shipping. We offer a 14 day exchange to support any issues on arrival.


  • Integrated Design: Boosted Beams are powered by your board, eliminating the need to charge them separately.
  • Headlights 600 lumens keep you and your board visible at night.
  • Smart Brake Light: The brake light works exactly like a car brake light and alerts others when you are slowing down.
  • USB Accessory Charging Port: Charge other devices including your Boosted Remote or phone by plugging into the integrated USB port.

Boosted Beams are powered by your board, eliminating the need to charge them separately. At 600 lumens, Boosted Beams are the brightest headlights on the market. The smart brake light brightens when you slow down, keeping you visible and safe. Control the lights with your Boosted Remote with just two taps of the Multi-Button. Control brightness, flashing and braking functionality via the Boosted App. The integrated USB Accessory port lets you charge your remote or phone on the go. Boosted Beams are compatible with 2nd Generation Boosted Boards (2016) and later.

Boosted Beams Boosted Beams


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