EMOVE Cruiser 2019 edition

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The newest version of the Cruiser from EMOVE. A heavy duty electric scooter for daily (longer) commutes. With a top speed of 40 km/h and a range up to 70 kilometers you are in for an amazing electric scooter ride.

Range: 70KM
Top Speed: 40KM/U
Highlights: Battery, Mechanical Brakes, Locks via key.

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The EMOVE Cruiser is coming to Fatdaddy! The cargo plane is on its way. Pre-order to be guaranteed to be the first to receive yours. Limited stock available, sold out=sold out. Expected delivery mid June.

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This foldable adult high-speed kick scooter is a beast. And boy is it robust! Built to last for long range, travel up to 70 kilometer on a single charge.

EMOVE Cruiser comes with dual suspension, front spring suspension and rear air suspension. The max load capacity is 160kg, which is easily 2 grown-up adults.

The mechanical disk-brakes on the front and rear, extra regenerative electric braking and the 10″ air-tires make this a solid electric skateboard that is perfect for city and countryside cruising. And it the road gets bumpy, don’t worry, you have front fork and dual rear air suspension. If you are a short-distance commuter looking to travel a few miles a day, expect your battery to last you for weeks, yes, weeks! Or better yet, not worrying that your battery will go flat if you are traveling long distance for exploration or running errands throughout the day.

It comes with front and rear lights, turn signals, braking lights, horn and you can even adjust the speed and acceleration. And for added security, it comes with a starting and locking key.

4 Reasons Why the Best Just Got Better | EMOVE Cruiser Review

Yderligere information


Voro Motors


23 kg


24 months

Supported Weight

150 kg

Model Year



Black, Orange, White

Max Persons

1 person


40 KM/H

Motor Watt



Motor Position

Front wheel, Rear wheel


Full throttle

Wheel Size


Wheel Material

Pneumatic (air-filled)


All Terrain



Braking System

Mechanical Disc Brake

Brake Locations

Back, Front


Battery Capacity


Detachable Battery


Charge Time


Battery Position

Inside frame

Air travel

Not allowed on aircraft

Battery Type


2 anmeldelser af EMOVE Cruiser 2019 edition

  1. Christian Wiggers

    Hi is the Emove Cruiser you sell the new 2019 version or is it the old one ? And if it is the old one, when will you get the new on in stock ?

    • Nelson

      Hi Christian, it is the new version!

  2. Martin Poulsen

    The ad for the emove cruiser says it’s the 2nd best selling escooter in Denmark. My question is, is it legal to ride in public in DK and do you need insurance?

    • Tyler

      Hello Martin, the EMOVE Cruiser goes almost 40 kilometers per hour, and the maximum speed allowed on public roads in Denmark is 20 km/h. We do see a lot of EMOVE driving around without issues. You can limit the speed on the console of the EMOVE.

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