It’s quite funny, Jason Potter wrote a few years ago: Who is your daddy, and what does he do? Well if you would ask that question again Jason would say: We make one of the best electric skateboards on the market and work together with other Fatdaddies to make sure we keep on growing.

We have been dreaming of riding on a Raptor 2 in our stores for a while now and our dreams have come true.

Fatdaddy is the official partner of Enertion in Europe. Our stores are getting stocked with Raptors as we speak, we are setting up multiple official Enertion repair centers to get you rolling again in case your Enertion Raptor breaks down.

Although Enertion already had service agents in several key locations in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany and England, now you can take your Raptor 2/2.1 in for service in Fatdaddy stores too!

This adds the Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Spain and a second service center in the UK to their service network.

Right now we are busy with stocking our shops and will start selling in March/April 2019. You can however already try the Raptor in our stores.

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