Elwing Powerkit

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The Elwing Powerkit is a modular kit to create the electric skateboard that perfectly fit’s your driving style. Choose your own deck, motors and batteries to create a custom machine. You can always change it later if you’re looking for more autonomy, speed or lightness.

The 90Wh Lithium-Ion battery makes it airplane-proof and easy to carry-on. Or you can choose the 216 Wh battery that will give you up to 30 kilometers of range. Select the single (32km/h) or dual-motor (38km/h), the new motors are slightly larger, more powerful and smoother.

Topspeed: 32 km/h or 38 km/h
Range: 15km or 30km
Highlights: Modulair, IP65 dust resistant, Swappable batteries.

Shipping date : May 2020

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elwing modulair electric skateboard europe


The Nimbus is strong, reactive, precise and playful. The Halokee is smooth and stable.

Elwing Powerkit Elwing Powerkit
Nimbus Cruiser
The square tail help you to get over and around any obstacle. A perfect shape for reactivity, precision.
830×255 mm.
7 plies, Canadian Maple.
Square kicktail, deep concave, carved wheel wells.
Elwing Powerkit Elwing Powerkit
Halokee Longboard
More accessible, flexible and stable. It’s a real longboard, made for big curves and long smooth rides.
955×244 mm
7 plies Canadian Maple
Round kicktail, regular concave, carved wheel wells.


Both Single and Dual drives are silent and allow to coast in free wheel. They are highly durable, easy to remove and the motor covers are serviceable in minutes. Both have generative breaking and are kickpush friendly.

Elwing Powerkit Elwing Powerkit
Single Drive
Single Drive saves energy and weight. If you like cruising and don’t need a strong torque to climb hills, you might like this option.
1x 500W
Climb up to 10%
25 Km/h in Pro mode
Elwing Powerkit Elwing Powerkit
Dual Drive
The Dual Drive is a set of two 500W motors that provide spectacular acceleration and braking.
2x 500W
Climb up to 20%
25 Km/h in Pro mode


Best-in-class battery cells that are simply stronger and last longer. Packed with a custom BMS for safety and monitoring.

Elwing Powerkit Elwing Powerkit
Standard Pack
The Standard battery is perfect for short daily commutes. It’s lightweight so you can carry one or several in your backpack.
Up to 15 Km range
Charges 100% in 90min
90 Wh Lithium-ion
Elwing Powerkit Elwing Powerkit
Long Range Pack
If you’re more into long rides you’ll love the Long Range battery. You’ll be able to ride for over 30Km on a single charge!
Up to 30 Km range
Charges 100% in 3h30
216 Wh Lithium-ion

elwing electric skateboard remote
Elwing Powerkit Elwing Powerkit

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